The Farm

Your hosts at Reddivallen pride themselves on being stewards of the countryside.



Reddivallen was winning farm of the 2010 Otter Trophy Competition for encouraging wildlife conservation alongside a high standard of commercial farming.

Reddivallen, lies just south of Boscastle in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) equidistant between two internationally designated wildlife sites - the North Cornwall Coast and the upper Camel Valley, so that its place in the landscape is as important as a stepping stone for wildlife.


The wildlife benefits from the organic mixed farming system, with the addition of the wet and wooded valley bottom and extensive areas of unimproved permanent pasture.

We tend to take many of the features of our countryside for granted, assuming they are naturally occurring. It is in fact a worked countryside and not a natural one. Most of its features were put there by farmers over many generations and now maintained by farmers.

The 420 acre farm produces Organic Beef and Lamb consisting of 90 Suckler Cows and 300 Breeding Ewes.

Traditional Herefords are also bred at the farm.

The Beef can be tasted by guests when it is on the menu for Dinner!